What’s up with Bearcat Motorsports!

9/07 - 9/14/2019

Thank you to all our Sponsors who attended the sponsorship event at the 1819 Innovation Hub. The event allowed for sponsors to speak with current and past Bearcat Motorsports team members, as well as see the progression that BCMS has made over its many years competing in FSAE.

BCMS will be attending Dayton Cars and Coffee Concours event at Carillon Park on Saturday September 14th from 8-11 am, displaying the 2019 race car. We encourage anyone who is in the area to come see the car in person and speak with current and past members of the team.

8/30 - 9/07/2019

The 2020 season is in full swing! Congratulations to Chris Yerkins, Chris was selected to be the team lead for the 2020 season. Sub Team Leads were also selected:

Aerodynamics - Bryce Becker

Drive-train - Ted Gardner

Electrical - Alec Conyers

Engine - Greg Smith

Frame - David Hannerman

Suspension - Tim Iles, Brian Ulrich

Teaching Assistants - Brodie Hensler, Ruchinda Gooneratne

8/23 - 8/30/2019

The Fall Semester has begun! Tuesday marked the first meeting for the 2020 team. Nearly 30 seniors attended the meeting, all anxious to begin developing the design for our next race car. Chris Yerkins was named the 2020 team lead. We are looking forward to the leadership and success that he can to bring to Bearcat Motorsports.

The 2019 engine has officially been rebuilt and installed back into the 2019 car. The engine idles smoothly with further testing to be completed in the coming days. Work on the engine and chassis dyno continues as we hope to set up and start the engine dyno in the coming week.


Bearcat Motorsports attended the University of Cincinnati organization fair, looking to invite new students to join BCMS. Over 150 emails were gathered from a large variety of students spreading across an array of majors. We look forward to seeing many of these students at our first underclassman meeting of the 2020 season this coming Wednesday 8-28-19.

The 2016 car is now on display at the 1819 Innovation Hub. Feel free to stop by and check out the car, as well as the many opportunities the innovation hub has to offer.

The first day of the 2019 fall semester is nearing as Monday officially kicks off the 2020 season.

The 2018 team firing up the 2017 car for the first time and getting some driving time in.