Thank you for your interest in supporting this year’s team!

There are several convenient ways to financially contribute to BCMS:     

PayPal: Simply click the button below to donate quickly & securely using your credit card


o To receive tax-exemption paperwork, 5% of donation is taken by University, please make checks out to “University of Cincinnati”

o   Without tax-exemption paperwork, 100% of your donation will go directly to our team, please make checks out to “UC FSAE”

 o   Mailing Address:                        

                        2851 Woodside Drive

                        598 Rhodes Hall

                        ATTN: Bearcat Motorsports

                        Cincinnati, OH


 Additionally, fundraising opportunities, assistance with fabrication, materials donations, recommendations for expanding our network, offerings of wisdom and expertise, and anything else you can possibly think of that will advance our team is always appreciated!  Please don’t hesitate to offer any of these through our team e-mail, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Our sponsors are what make all this possible, and each have a hand in actively advancing the education of our team members, while increasing the level of innovation we’re able to relentlessly pursue each year. When you give, you’re not only improving our team’s chances of success, you’re improving the field of engineering as a whole, bringing skillful students to the full-time job market. Be it through material, monetary, or expertise donations, every and all contribution is greatly appreciated. Together, as the BCMS family, we aim to never stop improving, and will take this year’s car from paper to tarmac, in a way we know will represent your brand, and good name, with pride.
— Excerpt from our Team Brochure